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JFW Crow:


California Schools

CST & CAT6 tests

Schools are finished administering their required State and National tests to measure students progress in Math, Reading and Science.  These tests are not an accurate representation when given to second language learners.  Many of these kids parents don't speak English - they are learning English from their kids.

The Federal government and the California State Department of Education have attached money for administering these tests and California Schools grabbed it.  Not that they had much of a choice but now they've become the standard measurement of whether or not a child and school are learning.

If your child scored well congratulations.  You're probably a middle/upper class family.  Your kids are who these tests were designed for.  But don't start taking credit yourself unless you believe that this type of measurement means you son or daughter is 'better' than a child attending a low performing school.  If that's the case then you're as deluded and out of touch with what happens on a day to day basis in the classroom as these National and State educational leaders.

Let's keep the pressure on our elected and appointed leaders to be accountable for modifying and adjusting these tests until they accurately reflect what a child has learned and accomplished in a school year.