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News and Events

JFW Crow:

Hearkening back to the selection of Dick Cheney as George W. Bush’s running mate, the media have parroted the same line: Joseph Biden brings “gravitas?to the Obama ticket. Unfortunately, the Biden pick is to gravitas what a forest fire is to home equity. In reality, Biden emphasizes every one of Obama’s vices while muffling his own virtues as a candidate. He shares most of Obama’s weaknesses, including foreign policy miscalculations, while remaining out-of-touch with most American values. He has proposed giving Iran $200 million “no-strings-attached.?His plan to partition Iraq galvanized the entire nation against him. Although he is an honorable foreign policy thinker who has come to many competent conclusions, they set him strongly at odds with his candidate and his party’s base. He is famously in love with himself, and is out-of-touch on most social issues, especially abortion, energy, and immigration. And his family scandals are already beginning to take a toll on the ticket.

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Upcoming Events:

Date: 09.1.2008

Labor Day - three day holiday weekend.

Date: 9.2.2008

Brother-in-laws 55th birthday